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The mystery of the NPP's inner workings - will the truth be revealed?

Tue, 22 Aug 2023 Source: Trending Today

In a bid to consolidate support for Vice President HE Dr. Bawumia's presidential ambitions in the upcoming 2024 election, the Association of Electoral Area Coordinators in the Ashanti Region has issued a compelling appeal to Members of Parliament and Constituency Chairmen across the region. The association, which represents grassroots members and polling station executives within the party, emphasized the reciprocal nature of their plea, stating that their members were committed to reciprocating the support by rallying behind MPs and Constituency Chairmen in future party primaries and constituency elections.

The electoral coordinators echoed their slogan, "you do us, and we do you," underlining their intimate connection with the party's grassroots and polling station executives. Their unique position enables them to effectively voice concerns and advocate for the interests of these vital party components. They firmly stated that their unwavering support for Vice President Bawumia was rooted in this collaborative spirit and urged MPs and Constituency Chairmen to back him as the party's presidential candidate for the 2024 election.

Speaking on behalf of the association, a leader emphasized, "It is either Bawumia or nobody else." The message was clear and direct, aligning with the sentiment shared by the party's grassroots and polling station executives. The leaders also referenced a visit by Vice President Bawumia to the region, during which MPs and Constituency Chairmen openly declared their support for him. The appeal was presented as a gentle reminder of their prior declarations and an acknowledgment of the consistent call from the grassroots to endorse Bawumia's bid.

As the stakes continue to rise in the lead-up to the 2024 election, this appeal from the Association of Electoral Area Coordinators in the Ashanti Region serves as a testament to the grassroots support Vice President Bawumia has garnered within the party. The upcoming months will likely witness heightened political activity as party members and officials navigate the path towards selecting their presidential candidate.

Source: Trending Today