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Ghanaians open up to Lydia Forson on how they feel about keeping their money in the bank!

Wed, 25 Jan 2023 Source: Philip NeeWhang

A tweet shared by Lydia Forson has been met with candid opinions regarding how Ghanaians feel keeping their money in the bank - a question of whether they feel safe doing so or not.

Lydia's original tweet reads "Do you feel safe with your money in the bank?"

Sensational uprising Ghanaian actor Kofi Koomson (@kofikoomsongh_) adds his voice to the response with a reply: "Everything in Ghana is full of fear. I was once introduced to an investment in one of the banks and I could clearly see how good this is but on the real thought the risk to do this ain’t there! Everything about our banking system now isn’t safe!!"

Another Twitter user (@amoah95mathew95) adds: "not at all , I am even looking for a property to buy so at least I will know the money is safe"

Other comments received under Lydia Forson's original tweet reads:

"If l get even 50% of all my investments erh, l won’t ever step foot in any banking hall again. My room is big enough for a chop box 📦 for my savings. I won’t work for thieves again." - @wogbejeke1

"not at all. recently my money deducted by an app service which I no longer need. Hmmn, they refuse to refund and bank isn't helping me receive it as well. hmmn" - @moschnitnt

"I have 130 GH left at the bank since 2017. Don't know what has happened to it anyway. Make I take my money go bank anka meyɛ ɔtwe (simple translation: Then I am an animal)." - @kingbongo21

"I have policy with one of the banks and they are telling me if for any reason I want to withdraw my money , because of the depreciation of the currency , I will not get the supposed interest on my savings and in addition I’ll lose some of my money too." - @jus1_twum

"Which correct person will let his money lay around in the bank ? Invest in Assets . Save in assets" - @eexit_bit

"Trusting the banking system is like having trust in our government." - @bangbaara1

"And this begins the failure of banking institutions and the entire financial system. Not the people's fault of course. When you live in a country where leaders show no sympathy, this happens." - @SeanMarstonn

"Na person wey get money for bank go answer this question 🚶" - @Chifabulouse1

The rest of the comments can be seen under Lydia Forson's tweet.

Source: Philip NeeWhang