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A lovely lady falls in love with a fetish priest and posts a beautiful video online

Fri, 30 Dec 2022 Source: Ugly Game

After sharing a video of herself and her new love, a beautiful diaspora woman went viral on the internet.

According to the lady, her previous relationship was extremely toxic because she was subjected to various forms of abuse until she divorced her former lover in Mexico.

She has uploaded some video of herself having a good time with her new lover, a fetish priest, feeling fulfilled for finding love again.

She stated that it has always been her ambition since she was a child to live in her country, and that love has made that happen.

“So this is why Africa has been calling my name for so many years? ??Since I was a little girl I’ve been dreaming about the day I would live in the Motherland. ??I had to be here to claim my birthright, my culture and my throne! I love this for me”

“All of the rejection and pain I’ve endured over the years was so worth it because this is what was waiting for me! ??Mama would always say “your current situation is not your final destination”. 2022 kicked off with a domestic violence incident in Mexico and its ending with a love story that only God could create in the Motherland. Whew! Allahuakbar

Source: Ugly Game