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Kumchacha and Counselor Lutterodt get dirty with each other as they start a new beef

Wed, 21 Dec 2022 Source: Ugly Game

After appearing together on radio, Prophet Kumchacha and Counselor George Lutterodt's "meeter" fought once again.

The two were panelists on Okay FM's Best Entertainment Show when a discussion about sex took place.

Speaking first, Kumchacha asserted that calling out God's name while engaging in sexual behavior is wrong.

"You are not serious," he added, "if you invoke Jesus' name or the name of the Holy Spirit while reaching an orgasm." It just indicates that you are not a serious person. According to the Bible, you should not use the name of Jesus in such tasks. Jesus is not your partner in bed. We don't refer to God in such a demeaning way. Jesus is unrelated to possessing anything.

Lutterodt refuted the assertion in his reply, claiming that Kumchacha's teachings are damaging and a sign that he may not be healthy.

"God's children, whom He blessed with sex, are being harmed by the false teaching spread by pastors and men of God." Jesus' name is utilized everywhere, even in sexual activity. The use of God's name is not constrained. What is wrong with you that you can declare that if someone says Jesus or God while engaging in sexual activity, they would perish in hell for transgressing God's laws?

Source: Ugly Game