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Lady opens up on the type of partners suitable for every relationship to succeed

Thu, 29 Dec 2022 Source: Ugly Game

A woman has gone to social media to give relationship advice, suggesting that individuals marry the persons they are physically attracted to.

She stated that there would be times during the marriage when you will be angry with one other, and the only comfort you might find in their physical attractiveness.

Marry someone you're physically attracted to because they'll irritate you eventually, and when they do, at least you'll be looking at someone who is okay, she said on Twitter. Someone who treats you badly will just fuel your rage. My mother claimed that, even when my dad irritates her, she still finds him to be a handsome man.

Lastly, “marry someone YOU’RE physically attracted to” doesn’t mean they have to look like a model to everyone else. So no it’s not about feeding into societal standards or however some people wanna spin it. It’s about what YOU like. What YOU think is attractive.”

Source: Ugly Game