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Man who had an encounter with an evil deity shares experience

Sat, 17 Dec 2022 Source: Ugly Game

A Nigerian man who unknowingly dated an evil spirit has revealed the Hell he went through in an anonymous blog post.

As he acknowledged in the first phrase of his essay, he wouldn't have believed the terrifying life story if it had been told by someone else.

According to the man, whose identity and other personal information are unknown because he gave his terrifying life story anonymously, his life abruptly turned from grace to grass after dating the wicked spirit that despised humans for a month.

He claimed that this woman, who was thought to be married since she often wore a wedding band to the office, shared the same office as him.

He liked her, and she liked him, so they started having sex, disregarding the fact that she was married. But every time they had fun, he had nightmares.

In a flash, he lost his job, went bankrupt, and watched as his life started to regress in front of his very eyes.

He explained to his mother how his formerly flourishing life had abruptly turned into nothing to write home about.

She sent him to a pastor, and it was the pastor who revealed to him that he was engaging in sexual activity with an evil spirit and freed him from the grip of the devil.

Source: Ugly Game