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Reason the water from Atlantic and Pacific Oceans do not mix up

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 Source: Ugly Game

Water is a very special substance since it comes in a wide variety of forms and each type has distinctive features that set it apart from the others.

Many have been astounded by the mystical quality of this spot where these two bodies of water converge without mixing but instead stand apart from one another.

Since it can be explained rationally, this is neither magic nor anything supernaturally impossibly difficult.

Freshwater is present on both sides of the sea; nevertheless, freshwater is less dense than saltwater, making it impossible for the two types of water to combine or causing one to float over the other.

Many people have been astonished by this unusual event, and visitors are already flocking to the aquatic location to see one of nature's wonders.

Additionally, there is a lot of conjecture that the Atlantic and Pacific oceans do not actually meet at that beautiful water point.

The Gulf of Alaska, which is situated in the water between Alaska and the United States of America, is actually that special place.

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Source: Ugly Game