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Sheena Gakpe has revealed how well-known Ghanaian celebrities attempt to facilitate her involvement with wealthy individuals

Thu, 1 Jun 2023 Source: Ugly Game

Sheena Gakpe has shared a personal experience in which she had to cleverly extricate herself from a meeting where a celebrity was attempting to arrange a transaction involving her and a man. The Ghanaian socialite and actress revealed this incident while refuting allegations that she engages in hookup activities.

During an interview on 3FM, the renowned internet sensation, known for her appealing figure, explained that since gaining popularity, she has received numerous propositions from celebrities who seek to connect her with men.

Initially, Sheena admitted she was unaware of their true intentions. However, she has now become well-versed in their tactics and knows how to handle such individuals.

Addressing the claims of her involvement in hookups, Sheena firmly denied participating in such activities. She highlighted that there are people within the industry who contact her, informing her about individuals interested in meeting her. In light of this, Sheena stated, "Initially, when I was new in the industry, I didn't know what they were trying to do, but now I know what to do."

She went on to recount a specific incident where she had to quickly leave a gathering upon realizing the nature of their intentions. Sensing the situation, she claimed to have complained of stomach pain as an excuse to escape. Sheena strongly emphasized that it is not acceptable to engage in transactions involving someone's daughter without their knowledge, stating firmly, "No, it's not done."

Source: Ugly Game