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Check out quality Graphiato by Tebi SK Trading

Wed, 27 Jul 2022 Source: Queen Xorlali

Buildings do not merely just provide shelter for and enable the performance of their occupants; they are built to also resist damage from fire, earthquakes, wind, and other hazards.

Safety measures and precautions in buildings reduce the probability of injury to occupants and thereby minimize the disruption of operations in the facilities.

However, threats to buildings are not limited to natural disasters and unintentional releases of unwanted substances but also come in the aspect of needless products used during the finishing process.

In view of this has seen the introduction of Tebi Graphiato from the mother company of Tebi SK Trading under the supervision of Tebi Stephen Kwadwo popularly known as TSK.

Speaking in an interview, Tebi said the good finishing and protection of every building is always the best, and Graphiato into the market he explained is a waterproof product meant for the protection of the building, to enable the property to last for long without damage.

“While there are many types of waterproofing products they claim are protecting buildings, not all of them are equal. For many people, Tebi Graphiato has been the savior since it was introduced. It offers numerous benefits and many of them are not available with the alternatives. Therefore, you find Tebi Graphiato as the only product meant for building protection. Doing so will ensure that you’re able to find the best product for your specific needs. This product offers a seamless waterproofing membrane making big differences. On top of that, this waterproofing product fills all capillary cracks. It can decrease the concrete’s water absorbency. Another thing to note is that this product hardens the concrete’s uppermost surface.

“It does so by penetrating the surface very deeply. It’s pertinent to let a professional handle the application process. In view of this, we have our own workers who do the applying for our clients all over the country – they are professionals, trained in the expertise of the product protection capacity. Tebi Graphiato liquid membrane can be utilized for many purposes. It’s a very versatile product that can be used for many applications.”

He added, “Tebi Graphiato liquid membrane offers a wide variety of benefits. For example, it can help resist water and it will not cause any joints or leak risk areas. The product is water vapor permeable too. It will provide adhesion for the full surface. Another thing to note is that the product is great because it can resist oils, detergents, and other chemicals. It is excellent in this specific category. On average, it is estimated that this material has a forever working life. This ensures that it is going to keep your home protected till eternity. It comes in all colors and sizes. We do distribution to estate companies, government agencies engaged in building. You can reach us on Company@tebisktrading.com or 055-587-9661

Also, we’re available on all social media platforms as tebitrading.”

Source: Queen Xorlali