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Ghana’s Headless YouTuber bags Kasapreko Influencer Deal

Tue, 5 Jul 2022 Source: Queen Xorlali

Many do not begin at all. For some, the beginning is the only thing worthy to be written home about. However, the past few months, through the consistency and progress of Headless YouTuber.

have proven to the world at large that a good beginning should serve as grounds and a stepping stone for higher heights.

He started off as a content creator who may not have seen, but may have hoped for, however, a dire achievement of mastery in his craft. His style of content creation captures trending issues on social media, deep investigations into whichever matter he seeks to tackle on his channel, unbiased takes on issues, full gist, music reactions with well-explained lyrics, and of course, his heart-warming sense of humor.

The thrill of victory over these months of his operation has been nothing short of bliss. Headless YouTubers have crawled into the hearts of many, becoming a household name.

His astounding and superb ability to deliver to tasks has earned him over 50,000 subscribers in less than a year. His ingenuity has procured him a highly desirable opportunity of working with Destiny Network, and BitAfrika, and now, he is set to officially sign as an official influencer for Kasapreko.

Yes, you read right! Your favorite YouTuber is certified to be in the vanguard of Kasapreko’s marketing, as announced via a tweet on his official Twitter account, @HeadlessYouTube, and he urges all to be expectant for this huge accomplishment.

It goes without saying, judging from his great beginning and the successes recorded so far, that the future looks bright for the Headless YouTuber brand as he cements his position as Ghana’s Biggest Anonymous YouTuber.

Subscribe to Headless YouTuber on YouTube and get served original content that will keep you updated on issues in and around Ghana, and leave you having hearty laughter.

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Source: Queen Xorlali