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“Ghanaians criticize African men with long hair but praises White men with long hair” - Yaw Juce

Fri, 10 Jun 2022 Source: Queen Xorlali

Musician and Media Personnel Juce also known as Yaw Juce,voiced out about the criticism and believe Ghanaians especially oldies create over a Ghanaian man keeping ‘long grown nature hair’ and even tag it as against the Bible.


“White men naturally have long grown hair  even in a ponytail,curly or fluffy, yet they are never criticized or judged. 

With all due respect, The Bible also emphasized Jesus Christ with a long nature hair even closer to his waist line.  

Also, the scripture reads Sampson with a long locked hair and many other ‘hairy’ people in the Bible which i believe we all know about.

So i don’t see  the difference in the ‘Ghanaian’ religious belief to that of the  white man naturally hairy and hairy men in the Bible. We are our own problems. We misquote the Bible to judge ourselves wrongly.

I think ,it rather when you don’t keep it neat or nice is where the criticism should emphasize but not when grown long.”

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Source: Queen Xorlali