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How Could you? it is over

Wed, 27 Jul 2022 Source: Queen Xorlali

How Could you?………….it is over💔😭😭

How could you?… My Jewel

I gave you my all.

I remember when I almost lost my life, just because, I was rushing to get you drugs when you were sick.

If sacrifice was a person, am not ashamed to be addressed as one…..

All because of the love I have for you…

Our love journey wasn’t a bed of roses

Yet, I believed in you.

Yes, I love you

Yes, you are cute

Yes, you are loved by people, but

You are highly insensitive

You don’t listen to me

You are never appreciative and

You shut me out of your life most of the times.

How can you claim you love me

But am scared of you

How can you claim you love me

Yet, we are always “fighting”

How can you claim you love me

But, you abuse me emotionally, mentality and psychologically.

You hate to see my relatives

The reason for this act, I still try to phantom.

It’s three years, I can’t remember when last I had a real laugh.

I have lived through this relationship in denial, hoping you will be once fantasy lover again.

Every night my bed is soaked with tears.

Where did I go wrong?

Is loving you and submitting to you a crime?

How could you treat me like trash bae?

How could you make me feel less of me?

How could you throw what we once shared to the river?

How could you “feed” me with bitterness?

I begged you to treat me right

I cried and yearn for your attention

Yet, you did nothing…….

I became a laughing stock among my peers, all because of you.


I will never regret knowing you

Before you became the shadow of yourself

You once made me happy…….

Our love actually was heavenly…

Maybe am old now, or you have found another 🤧

You would have told me, I will understand.

Yes, I love you

But I need to live

Bea, am breaking up with you

It’s hard, but I need my sanity.

I pray you find that someone, that makes you happy.

Be rest assured, I will always love you.


Kalu, Kingsley Tochukwu

Source: Queen Xorlali