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Is Tema Centre of the World?

Tue, 29 Mar 2022 Source: Queen Xorlali

Is Tema Centre of the World? There are so many other cities on the prime meridian but what makes  Tema centre of the world is that it's the only city on the Greenwich meridian or prime meridian that is closest to the point where the equator meets the longitude 0°

In celebrating Ghana month the Abibinsroma Foundation educated the public and second cycle educational institutions in Tema about the Greenwich meridian line in Ghana.

On 24th March 2022, Abibinsroma Foundation and Tema second cycle schools trailed the Greenwich meridian line and created awareness to the locals living there about its importance and advised them to make those discovered tourism attractions clean as Tema is the center of the world.

Did you hear Tema is the center of the world? Oh yes Tema happens to be the center of the world because; Tema is on the Greenwich meridian or the longitude 0°.

Tema is the closest city in the world to the point of intersection of the equator and the Greenwich or prime meridian or the longitude 0°

In marking Ghana heritage month with Abibinsroma Foundation was the Tema central MP Hon. Nii Noi Hanson Nortey, the Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE) of Tema, Hon. Yohane Amarh Ashitey, and Miss tourism 2019 Celestine.

According to the Tema Central MP; He is very happy to have seen young people involved in promoting Tourism in Ghana and also the promotion of cleanliness in Tema.

He went on to encourage all students who to help develop the metropolis for it's our responsibility and not that of the government. He also shared with the students how the Meridian hotel during that time brought a lot of work and reduced employment for people in Tema.

Meridian hotel

As part of the tour, the student went to discover some of the tourist spots in Tema that have not to be kept clean such as the Tema new town beach, the meridian hotel, Meridian coconut avenue. These places were very filthy and needs to be cleaned.

In Tema the Greenwich meridian line can be found at the following places;

Greenwich meridian map

Engen Filing station close to the Meridian hotel

Lagoon clinic

Presbyterian Church

Meridian mosque

Maame Sekune

Community 1 Site 20

Cocoa processing company

Meridian coconut avenue is the newest one discovered by Mr Bob Amiteye the founder of Abibinsroma Foundation.

Where does the Greenwich Meridian passes through in Ghana?

In Ghana, the line passes through Tema in the Greater Accra Region, Salaga in the Northern Region and in other cities in the Upper East Region.

Tema centre of the world

Tema centre of the world

Tema centre of the world

Tema centre of the world

Source: Queen Xorlali