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Man almost loses his legs after jumping off bridge

Sat, 15 Oct 2022 Source: Queen Xorlali

On Twitter, Emmanuel Olabode posted a heartbreaking story about a man who nearly lost his limb because he refused to hand over his phone to burglars.

According to Emmanuel, the unidentified man was approached on the road and leaped off the bridge rather than hand up his phone to the criminals.

He broke his leg as a result of his actions, and the hospital demanded 1.2 million naira to heal it.

Emmanuel went on to say that he is now in debt to the hospital and in excruciating pain because he refused to give up his phone.

He stated:

“This guy jumped off Otedola bridge because he didn’t want to part with his phone when robbers crossed him last night. He broke a leg, and was rushed to emergency before being transferred to Igbobi. The first bill just came in – 1.2 million. Plus, he’s in severe pain. Sigh.”

Source: Queen Xorlali