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The Meta Ethnicity Of The Ewe People In Ghana

Fri, 8 Apr 2022 Source: Queen Xorlali

The Ewe people have multiple tribes and we all have different cultural values, history and ancestry despite we do have a lot of similarities. And there’s no visible unity among our tribes.

What the Ewe people in Ghana need more is to build a “national” or would I say “Regional” consciousness to change from our meta-ethnic sense of identity to a strictly ethnic sense of identity.

The “Ewe people”in Ghana is an ethnic group just as the “Akan people”. And just as the Akan people is made up of various tribes such as the #Asante, #Fante, #Akyem, #Bono, #Adansi, #Nzema and the others, the Ewe people are also made up of different tribes such as the #Anlo, #Wedome, #Tongu, #Agave, #Avenor and a lot more . And I believe the “Ewe people in Ghana” have more tribes than the Akan people.

Who knows how many tribes makes up the Ewe speaking people in Ghana?

Now, the Akan people cuts covers 4 regions in Ghana and even part of the Volta Region. They are almost half of the country whiles we the Ewe people have just the Volta Region.

And most of the Akan tribes have been lucky to have found a lot of natural resources on their land. We also have a lot but then most remain undiscovered and untapped.

So the tribes that make up the Akan people in Ghana are independent of each other since they belong to different regions with some having a whole region to themselves.

But then we the tribes that make up the Ewe people in Ghana are interdependent on each other since we all belong to one Region. And this should have been an advantage.

Now the unity of the Ewe people can only be done by the Traditional Leaders of the Region. It should be an initiative of the Chiefs of the region to unite the tribes and build an ethnic sense of identity as “Ewe people” in Ghana 🇬🇭.

We should have a Traditional “Ewe People of Ghana Festival” organized by an “Ewe people Traditional Council” made up of Chiefs of the various Ewe tribes led by the Awomefia and Agbogbomefia!

This 2 should lead the unity from the South and North respectively and find a way to unite the others.

As it stands nothing unites all the tribes of the Ewe people except belonging to one region.

We should have a lot of things like a Traditional festival to unite us.A festival where all the various tribes in the region are represented yearly both by Traditional Leaders and the Citizens especially the Youths.

That way we can build a United front to drive development.

And it should be held in rotation between #Ho in the Asogli state and #Keta for the Anlo State. But then events should happen in other towns closer.

The Awomefia of Anlo Kingdom and the Agbogbomefia of Asogli State can come together and the two of them have the power to start building a United front.

The Asogli state has the Capital city of the Ewe people in Ghana and the Anlo Kingdom led the escape from Notsie to present day Ghana. So a visible front from the 2 of them can unite the Anlo and the Wedome and then the other tribes would gradually join to build.

The Anlo is the oldest and most powerful Kingdom in Southern Volta whiles Asogli is also the most powerful Traditional kingdom in the North of the region.

Okay I don’t want the post to be lengthy so I would end here. But then this is what’s on my mind.

Source: Selorm Ameza




Source: Queen Xorlali