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The reason for the SLAP to Chris Rock by Will Smith at the 94th Oscars

Fri, 1 Apr 2022 Source: Queen Xorlali

Chris Rock disrespected Jada Pinkett in 2016 by saying, Jada Pinkett says she is boycotting the Oscars in 2016 because there is no black nominee in the category of best actor.

And further went on to say, Jada boycotting the Oscars is like he Chris Rock boycotting Rihana's panties. He is not invited making reference to Jada not being invited to the 2016 Oscars so it doesn't make sense she saying she is boycotting the Oscars.

He further went on to disrespect Will Smith's performance in 2015's biopic movie titled Concussion where Will played Dr. Bennett Omalu. And finally ended with it was also not fair that Will Smith was paid 20 million dollars in one of Smith's old movies titled Wild Wild West.

The G.I. Jane joke at the 2022 Oscars recently was just an icing on the cake of years of anger and fury burning 🔥 in Will's heart for Chris Rock that resulted in the slap. So if anyone thinks the slap was just about the nights joke, the person probably maybe wrong. A lot of factors contributed to that.


I will say, all three i.e Chris, Will & Jada have to do a through and proper reality check on themselves to put things right.

Will Smith has to stop letting Jada Pinkett bring their private and personal life into the public space. It opens you up for ridicule and mockery. He is the man of the home and has to act as such.

Chris also being a colleague actor and entertainer should not join the crowd and fans to make mockery of his fellow colleagues in the game using health conditions and personal life experiences.

He should know better. There are so many ways to be creative about jokes that doesn't take shades on people's personal, private and health conditions.

Jada also has to be real. Her Yes should be her yes and her no should be her no. You don't say this today and tomorrow say otherwise.

In a video on Facebook where she talked of having Alopecia, she said she embraces it, loves it and feels confident in it. If it is so, why get offended when a joke is said about that. She should have ignored it. She is the reason all these embarrassments are coming to the Smith's family because she has opened up too much.

The fact that you are a celebrity or public figure doesn't mean everything of yours should be in the public space including the ugly. When that happens, you have no pride or dignity anymore.

Everyone has an ugly side probably and that should be kept a secret. She shouldn't forget that they as a couple are ANSWERABLE to no one about what happens in their lives or marriages.

They owe no one any answers or explanations. They decide and choose to bring their private life into the public domain which will eventually invite and open them up for ridicule and backlash.


"My Opinion"

In my opinion, I think Will should stand up as a man in the family and stop letting Jada decide many at times. Jada is manipulative and she has to put a stop to it. She has to be submissive and have her husband's respect and dignity at heart. It's not everything you say because you want to be the master healer of the world. You can't heal everyone.

Chris should becareful of his jokes especially with his industry colleagues. If fans are making fun and disrespecting, you are also a star just as they are. You should know better and act better.

Isaac Kofi Arthur


#ikewrites ✍🏾

Source: Queen Xorlali