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What You Didn’t Know About The Powerful Korku Spiritual Cult Of The Ewes

Wed, 23 Nov 2022 Source: Queen Xorlali

Creative Photographer #Kofi_Eugene did an exclusively awesome yeoman’s job by capturing and documenting some of the special activities and moments at this year’s Hogbetsotso Festival. He indeed deserves an applause and a fat “Mawunayrawo” since he did all this on his own volition.

And One of such unique moment is the magical performance by the KɔKU Dancers who are known to use very sharp knives to dangerously play a game of “cutting and even patching themselves magically for public entertainment and spiritual symbolism.

The Kɔku cult is not an evil cult and a cult can be defined in the context of African Traditional spirituality as a social group that is defined by its unusual religious, spiritual, or philosophical beliefs and rituals.

And with this description in mind, I’d like to introduce you to one of the very interesting and powerful cults among the Ewe people known as Kɔku.

#Kɔku also stands for Wednesday borns in the Ewe language but then the KORKU SPIRITUAL CULT is a unique and very magical entity on its own. They are custodians of the Ewe culture and have a well respected status among the spiritual circles in Eweland.

Some othernotable powerful cults within the Ewe Spiritual system also includes #YEWEH, #EFA, #ZANGBETOR #BREKETE and even some Deities like #HOGBATO and a lot more.

But then the discussion today would be about the powerful KORKU CULT and their magical ritual of using sharp objects to cut themselves but then it never cuts.

The Korku cult (Kɔku as it is spelt in the Ewe language) has a tradition of cutting themselves with very very sharp objects which never cuts them when they get possessed during their drumming and Dancing performances. And they do this magical act in the full glare of the public and at outdoor events like funerals and festive ceremonies.

The Korku dance is a magical and very dangerous one which must not be tried at home or without supervision by a Kɔku member. But then the Kɔku dancers don’t see the dangers since they have magical powers which protects them and makes their skins thick and impossible for the very sharp knives to cut through.

Some even fall into a trance whiles performing and various rituals are done to wake them up. And I don’t know why but then the Kɔku ladies are usually very beautiful and their Man are very bold as well

📸 Kofi Eugene

✍️ Selorm Ameza




Source: Queen Xorlali