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Why Qatar Would Support Ghana In The World Cup

Sun, 3 Apr 2022 Source: Queen Xorlali

I have this strong feeling that Ghana 🇬🇭 would get a huge “home” support from the people of Qatar 🇶🇦 in the 2022 World Cup because of our Captain André Ayew, who is currently plying his career in Qatar and is the top goal scorer in the best team in Qatar and the “Qatari Stars League”, Al Sadd Sports Club.

Al Sadd SC is the only team in the Qatar League to have won the Asian Football Confederation Champions League and they’ve won the Qatari Stars League Cup for a record 15 times.

The team has a huge fan base in Qatar and they would sure support Ghana since one of their favorite Players and one of the top League goal scorers is the Captain of the Ghanaian National team The GHANA BLACKSTARS.

Andre Ayew has scored 14 out of the 18 goals the club scored last season and he is one of the top players in the Qatar league.

Ghana gets drawn against #Portugal, #uruguay and #SouthKorea for the 2022 World Cup in #Qatar and I believe Ghana stands a chance to win each match since we’ve now got quality and hungry players as well as the support of the football lovers in Qatar who would support Ghana just to show our Captain Andre Ayew love and respect for his service to their league.

So trust that Ghana is going in to make history on so many fronts and you would be amazed.

Ghana would make history with the game against Uruguay 🇺🇾 because we would dismantle them as a revenge for what Luis Suarez did to us in the 2010 World Cup.

God just wanted to give Ghanaians closure for what happened in 2010 by giving us Uruguay to score them and be the reason they go home at the first stage.

And then our defenders, especially @Djiku and @Amartey would also make history by stopping one of the best players Christiano Ronaldo in his tracks.

He would definitely be rendered useless in the game and Ghana would get a standing ovation for the game.

And we would also make history by having the entire Al Sadd fans in Qatar rooting for us at every game. It would scare the opponents in every game and give our players extra vim.




Source: Selorm Ameza

Source: Queen Xorlali