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Why Save Keta Amidst Tidal Waves?

Tue, 5 Apr 2022 Source: Queen Xorlali



It sadly feels like nobody in Ghana seems to care about the plight of the people by the sea from Anyanui through Keta to Adina even though the tidal waves keeps destroying properties, displacing people and eroding the entire land with consistency.

The People of Keta township itself woke up last Saturday morning to the noise of the sea breaking its boundary and displacing a lot of people from their homes.

Was in Keta yesterday to see the destruction first hand and this is now becoming a much bigger problem than we thought.

The sea seems to be reclaiming back all the “Reclaimed Lands” and I am not being pessimistic but then the whole of Keta may end up being an underwater city like Atlantis if serious precautions with expert advice is not taken.

And for those who don’t know this fact, Keta used to be the Capital city of the Volta Region until the sea destroyed more than 3 quarters of the city leaving just less than one third of the beautiful city built since the 1700s and was a flourishing slave and business coast in the 1800s.

You would get scared if you see the destruction at Emancipation beach and the way the sea keeps moving towards the Aborigines and Agblor Lodges. It’s happening at an alarming rate and I pray the Government engages experts to find a lasting solution.

I hear that building a #Harbour in Keta can solve the sea erosion problem permanently but then I doubt if the current NPP government would ever leave up to this promise.

And then I hear the best alternative is also to complete the #Sea_Defence project that was begun some years back to protect the coastline from Anyanui straight to Aflao. This I pray they consider soon.

And then an expert said that #Dredging the sea can also stop the erosion since it would create a hole in the sea which would suck up the water, reduce the speed of the tides and prevent the sea from moving further in-land.

That’s 3 different solutions (Harbour, Sea Defence and Dredging) which would save the people and communities along the Atlantic Ocean in the Volta Region. And the sea would keep rising keeps rising due to the effects of Global warming which is causing the ice pole to melt.

And Keta is said to be below sea level and one of the lowest points in Ghana. So Keta would keep suffering from the effects of Climate change affecting the Atlantic Ocean unless drastic and permanent strategies are put in place.

I wish Keta people would be angry enough to go on a demonstration to demand the Government to act just as fast as they acted in the Apiate Blast Disaster case.





Credit: Selorm Ameza

Source: Queen Xorlali