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Why Voltarians Love “FETRI DETSI” ( Okro Soup)

Wed, 13 Apr 2022 Source: Queen Xorlali

“FETRI DETSI” - Okro Soup

Where I come from, this is the Chief meal; Okro soup made with love!

This is what the Ladies from my place serve the man they wish to keep for a lifetime. And every Ewe man can eat Akple and Fetri detsi for 7 days in a row and 365 days in a year and not complain. In fact they would praise you!

I hear the slimy nature of the Okro lubricates the waist and the red oil gives the blood the ability to pump healthy blood into the male “machine gun” for an award winning late night performance! Hope you get my point!

And trust me that once an Ewe lady decides to treat you and your friends and family to a “fetri detsi and Akple” Lunch or Dinner, then know She intends to keep you. And they never go wrong with the taste and aroma! Never!

Fetri detsi is popularly paired with Akpe, but then trust me that #Abolo or #Yakayake or #Kafa or even #Kornu(Kenkey) would give you a unique idea experience of taste you would love to repeat!!!

And then Fetri Detsi from Volta comes in different forms, tastes and preferences. We’ve got the “Red oil fetri desti” and the “light or no oil Fetri Detsi”. And then with this 2 types we also got the “Fish only fetri detsi” be it red or no oil, Meat/Chicken fetri desti which is usually with no oil, and a mix of fish/meat/Wele fetri detsi. And each variety is just amazing and mouth watering!

Been craving “Fetri Detsi and Akple” bad bad this days that I am contemplating getting married soon! Can’t keep waking up on a daily with dreams of Fetri detsi orgasm and not be able to make love to it on a daily laaaa!

And this is one of the reasons you’ve got to come visit Keta! The Anlo people have been revered to be experts in preparing Fetei detsi and have been renowned for it!

So see for one of this weekends for a treat to the very best version of Anlo Fetri Detsi! And look out for my strictly Fetri Detsi wedding laaaa!!!





Disclaimer: The pictures are not my property and I am just salivating over them laaa.! Akpe!

Source: Queen Xorlali