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Afua Rida

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Afua Rida is a fashion stylist, blogger consultant, and runway show producer that’s passionate about global fashion and Africa’s influence on the fashion world.

Her website combines her portfolio and unique stylings as well as her personal blog about whatever strikes her fancy.

She's a force behind her nation's fashion industry and has partnered with Christie Whelan, Mina Evans, Meena Official, Mythhouse, Maxhosa, and Lanre Da Silva. The impact of Rida's reach on social media even landed her a feature on CNN's African Voices.

Rida recognizes the continent's influence on fashion "through its colors, animals, water, prints and patterns." She has a fervor for fashion in Africa and is excited to share its stories. She says she lives life in color and style.

"Fashion is a money-making industry," she states. "Fashion is culture and culture is life."

The start of her blogging journey began in August of 2015 when she was on vacation and then returned home to start shooting content for her platform.

The first dress she dawned on was from Lisa Folawiyo. She says she had no expectations and certainly didn't think her audience would grow to her current 95,000 followers.

Today, Rida continues to be enamored with what she does to shine a light on the creativity coming from her home. Her blog is centered around fashion, "how to wear" tutorials, and self-confidence.

Rida explains that in a typical work week, from Tuesday to Sunday, she's in meetings with designers, styling, breaking news regarding new collections, and is in and out of showrooms pulling clothes. Before sundown, she takes full advantage of the lighting to shoot looks.


In 2016, Afua Rida won the Fashion Blogger of the Year award at Glitz Style Awards.