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The aspiration of a group of friends to use their musical talents in winning many for Christ led to the gospel music group, Anointed, who today could arguably pass as the finest contemporary gospel in the western region and among the notables in the country.

The group, with its rich brand of contemporary gospel fused with choral layers and local gospel, is highly reputed for its outstanding reach-out concerts in churches and communities. Thus it came as no surprise when after incessant calls for their concerts to be documented on video; the group is receiving accolades from music lovers who after watching the DVDs cannot help but marvel.

The life-changing praise and worship concert dubbed 'Ultimate Worship Live' was held at the King's Temple of ICGC, Takoradi branch, and features the likes of Nii Okai, Pastor Joe Gyebi, and Zuta. The DVD is sectioned into three main parts: the rehearsals session before the concert, the main concert, and an interview session with the audience at the end of the program.

Additional features include a music video and display of lyrics of songs ministered at the concert. The actual concert sees firstly Anointed opening up with a lively and inspiring worship session led by the group's technical/music director Kofi Dua Anto, a multi-instrumentalist and an accomplished music producer together with Zuta.

Nii Okai then comes in to supplement Anointed's outstanding ministration with a worship medley done in reggae vein. Later, he takes the audience through some hymns where he explains to them the songwriter's choice of words for the lyrics.

Pastor Joe Gyebi also comes in to add to Anointed's ministrations with his trademark powerful voice. He duets with Kofi Dua Anto on Anointed's 'He Will Make It Alright' beautifully.

On a different radar, the audience merits a powerful deliverance and ministration time where Nii Okai leads affairs to impact into the lives of the audience. The ministrations end with a worship song.

In the end, the audience is given the chance to comment on the concert. With low expectations, many revealed it blew their minds.