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Biggie Man

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Born on Sunday, September 30, 1984, to Mrs. Victoria Sarpong and Mr. Jonas C. Sarpong. Hailing from Kwahu, Biggie Man started making music in 2001 when he was in Accra Academy. Singing since he was 14, he got his weight up by joining forces with another underground rag-life artiste by the name of Reggie (his schoolmate at Accra Academy) who heard him singing whilst bathing in school and thus backed him as he was singing.

Biggie Man, born in real life as Sarpong Appiah Kwasi to Mr. Jonas C. Sarpong and Mrs.Victoria Sarpong attended New Heaven International Preparatory School and then proceeded to Accra Academy in 2001. I believe in sharing my talent with others thus I thought of doing something with him".

After their sterling performance at St. Mary's Secondary School (Merries) where they thrilled an audience of about 500 with their "Mente Oo" track, their dream of making it began.

Along with his buddy Reggie, the pair handpicked another guy by the name of Disastrous and founded a group called Tragedy, which grew to include Dynasty (another underground artiste).

With lots of fans showering them with much deserved praises, Tragedy found themselves in the studios of Big F to record tracks like 'AIDS' and 'Mamuna' which stole the hearts of many when they performed them during X Mas Fiesta 2002 and 2003 and Miss S.S.S 2002 and 2003, in Aburi Girls Secondary School during their GUNSA program and at the shooting of Things We Do For Love (a popular program that was aired on TV) in Accra Academy.

We were like listening to them singing. We were amazed at the way they were dancing to our songs. Due to some circumstances, the group fell apart.

Biggie Man, now a solo artist (was first known as Biggie Clef when he was in the group Tragedy) is set to cause a stir in the music industry with his upcoming album titled 'Adwoa' which highlights a boy who tells the story of his girl leaving him and as such trying to plead with anyone who knows the whereabouts of Adwoa to tell her to come back for he has missed her.

Get a feel of it and you will know what I am talking about. Another remarkable track, 'Maba' (I have come), a dancehall track that highlights making his presence known to the public is something else.

Some are ranking it as a song to enter into the international market and compete with songs of great artists like Beenie Man, Sean Paul, Buju Banton, Capleton, Sizzla, and the likes. 'Okoto' (Crab) which talks of perseverance and not giving up is a ready-to-hit track and for "Anisuo", it tells the story of a sad guy trying to win back his girl by apologizing to her.

My dream is to release over 500 songs before I die with the help of God. My music is to get people to think deeply and I want to use my music as a medium to educate the general public."

He is inspired by foreign artists like Beenie Man, Sean Paul, Buju Banton, and local sensations such as Esther Smith and Kojo Antwi.