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Daniel Addo

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Major General Daniel K. Addo is a Ghanaian soldier and politician. He was a Chief of the Defence Staff of the Ghana Armed Forces.

He was once a Commander of the Second Infantry Brigade Group at the headquarters in Kumasi. In August 1969, he was Chief of Army Staff.

Daniel Addo was appointed Chief of the Defence Staff untill the Busia government was overthrown.

He was also appointed Commissioner for Agriculture, by the NRC government. He served in this capacity from 1972 to 1973. He was later replaced with Colonel Frank Bernasko.

Daniel Addo's houses, two were confiscated by the "One Man One House" Investigation Sub-Committee under the auspices of the Provisional National Defence Council military government in 1982 on the grounds that they were acquired illegally.

This was under military decrees of the previous Armed Forces Revolutionary Council, Ghana military government.

In 1994, he appealed to the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice to have the houses returned but were unsuccessful