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Assin Odumase: Man Gives Genuine Reason Why Drivers Blow Their Horns When Crossing Or Passing By A River Or Bridge

Fri, 21 Jul 2023 Source: Afriyie Kwaku Boachie

A man whose name is yet to be disclosed under a one week funeral observation at Assin Odumase unravelled to Afriyie Kwaku Boachie, Ghana Web reporter when asked about the genuine reason why drivers blow horns of their vehicles and the misfortune that could occur should they refuse to heed to that tradition.

The Ghana Web reporter became dumbfounded when he was fed enough with the untold truth hidden from the reality which has become a superstition as to people since time immemorial, as to why drivers should blow their horns when crossing a bridge over or beside a river body.

To this man who is almost in his 60's, most drivers out of curiousity don't blow the horns of their cars when they are on the verge of crossing bridges over or beside rivers and yet most of them faces the dire consequences of their actions for not doing so whereas others giving different account of what the situation normally end them at.

The genuine reason why drivers should blow their horn when crossing a bridge over rivers is that people normally swim, wash around such areas and drivers and motor riders are to slow down and also alert whosoever is close to such area to avoid crashing or knocking down such people in the quest of crossing such bridge or road.

Assin Odumase is conurbated to Assin Foso, the Municipality and driving from the Foso station close to the Ghana Commercial bank to Odumase is almost 12-15 minutes drive but the most fascinating aspect of it all is about a river found close to the road. This river is known as Atonsu which normally overflows its bank to cause flood therefore obstructing movement to and fro.

The taxi driver that took Afriyie Kwaku Boachie to Assin Odumase from Foso station also gave his side of the story after blowing his horn and asked by the Ghana Web reporter the rational behind such action. The taxi driver recounted the past the ordeal he went through when he had proved stubborn to blow his horn in a village he visited and unfortunately got his car broken down, and due that, he began to respect that idea of blowing horn whiles passing by every bridge over a river. To him, the old people believe that, river gods normally swim and as such demand to be alerted whenever a car is passing by in order to avoid accident and punishment from them.

Similar incident occurred when a young man died at Pantang for refusing to blow horns whiles crossing a bridge.

It has become evidentiary clear with regards to the first account given by the old man whom Afriyie Kwaku Boachie met during the funeral premises at Odumase who didn't attach any superstition to such issue.

Source: Afriyie Kwaku Boachie