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Kennedy Agyapong, Bawumia & Alan Kyeremateng are worrying and raising the political temperature-Lawyer Maurice Ampaw

Mon, 31 Jul 2023 Source: Afriyie Kwaku Boachie

The question as to who wins the NPP flagbearership race remains the toughest question between the strong candidates who are tried and tested and look forward to lead the elephant party, the New Patriotic Party in the coming weeks.

The NDC have have brilliantly elected former President John Dramani Mahama as the most decorated political figure to win the 2024 seat and to the NPP, its yet to be decided by the party delegates who are tasked to uplift a candidate out of the prolific 10 members, who look forward to lead the race to ensure the NPP capture political power just like the NDC hoping to follow same suit in 2024 general election.

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw, the human right advocate and presenter of 'Mmra ne Abrabo Mu Nsem' singled out the three most likely candidate to make the flagbearer race a stronger competition but inspite of that, he has dropped a bombshell over Ken, Bawumia and Alan who he believes are causing the rise in the political atmosphere currently with their campaign messages full of attacks, chide, accusation upon counter accusations.

The other seven candidates does not carry enough weight to outwit the afore-mentioned three candidates of which one among the top three will emerge victor to face the NDC and other candidates vying strongly for the Presidential seat in 2024.

To lawyer Ampaw, if you insult any of the candidate being Alan, Bawumia or Kennedy and damage him and then you win, how does he support you in the general election? Obviously, it will be in the party's flagbearers interest to desist from unfit arguments and insults that may cause harm to the NPP as a whole.

Source: Afriyie Kwaku Boachie