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Why Ghana Will Not Swim In The Coup D'etat Party In Africa

Wed, 9 Aug 2023 Source: Afriyie Kwaku Boachie

Of late, military coup d'etat has climbed on the shoulders of mother Africa, and the kind of impact having on innocent citizens and leaders tagged of corruption seems to be outrageous.

Francophone countries such as Guinea, Burkina Faso and Niger have undergone a military takeover. On 5th September, Mamady Doumbouya of Guinea overthrew the constitutional elected president Alpha Conde.A young army captain who also led the coup in Burkina Faso was "unanimously" named interim president until elections are held in July 2024, two members of the ruling junta .

Captain Ibrahim Traore, 34, led disgruntled junior officers in the second coup in eight months to hit the jihadist-torn west African country.

On 26th July 2023, a coup d'état occurred in Niger when the country's presidential guard detained president Mohamed Bazoum, and presidential guard commander general Abdourahamane Tchiani proclaimed himself the leader of a new military junta.

Despite the wind blowing over African countries, coupled with coup d'etat which the Western nations are condemning due to the futility and consequences of such actions, other panelist, political analyst, TV host have allegedly incited Ghana and the rest of the Anglophone countries to embark on a radical call to end those corrupt elements and leaders plundering the nations into political, social and economic decadence.

Ghana, though, faces myriads of challenges in the areas of employment, economic impoverishment, social injustice, political crisis just like the other African countries, but as to the nation turning back for military coup which some unscrupulous persons have attempted in the previous years and sought for may not not happen due to the following reasons.

1. The country witnessed a shock and the heat of coup d'etat in the history of this nation which aggravated the economic situation until the late Flt Jerry John Rawlings made a swift shift from military rule to civilian rule.

2. The nation is deeply rooted in democracy which has over the past years earn us good reputation on the global scene. We have been able to build Democratic structures and policies that protect the sovereignty of this nation.

3. Ghana's military system is highly motivated and they understand the nitty gritties of coup d'etat and its associated pervasive hardships.

4. The nation, through the two major political parties, though faces their own challenges, but their ability to strategies, the contingency plans for the nation is far better than our fellow countries where coup d'etat has become common.

5. Ghanaians fear blood.

6. The Islamic and Christianity as religious bodies co- work together to instill discipline on us.

Source: Afriyie Kwaku Boachie