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Here are some important reasons why you should be having afternoon Sex

Tue, 24 Jan 2023 Source: Alby News Ghana

Some individuals prefer to perform this chore in the morning. Some folks like to be awake at night. At 3 a. m. , but the greatest time to have sex, though, is in the early afternoon, according to those of us with more intelligence. You inquire. Let me offer you a few examples: You do not have to worry about having terrible breath in the morning; you are not yet exhausted from the day, and you are not yet dreaming because you are asleep. Nevertheless, this is merely the start. I consider midday sex to be the most enjoyable. 

The best sex is the type you desire when you desire it most. Still, I've always detested morning sex ever since I began having it, and as I've got older, I've noticed that I have a lot less energy at night than I used to, so I've concluded that afternoons are the greatest time to get it on. 

Are you still uncertain? Are you almost certain to follow your morning routine? You should engage in afternoon sex, but you should also read the following seven reasons why afternoon sex is the finest sex. I believe I could persuade you to reconsider your position. 

1. Goldilocks has arrived. 

It is neither too early nor too late to consider doing a U-turn; the timing is ideal. In the afternoon, you've been awake for an extended period, but not long enough to become exhausted. It is also a good time to rest, which is what you should do after engaging in sexual activity. Goldilocks! 

2. It is an excellent illustration of something

Dr Paul Kelley, a clinical researcher at the Oxford School's Rest and Circadian Neuroscience Association, suggests that 3 p. m. is the optimal time for sex if you are in your twenties. According to Dr Kelley, a twenty- year- old' s energy is at its peak around the middle of the day. 

3. It might be your daily exercise regimen. 

Researchers at the University of Quebec discovered that thirty minutes of sex burns the same number of calories as thirty minutes of running. This is without a doubt the best reason you've ever had for not doing something. 

4. It's a fantastic way to change everything. 

If you typically perform the task at night or early in the morning, a quick in-and-out in the afternoon may be just what you need to shake things up. Why not try becoming motivated at a different time of day to see how it affects your situation? 

5. Your synthetic chemicals might be reaching their peak. 

Afternoon is the optimal time for sexual activity, particularly for heterosexual couples, according to Alissa Vitti, a specialist on synthetics and the developer of WomanCode. According to her studies, men have higher levels of estrogen in the afternoon, whereas women have higher levels of cortisol. This indicates that individuals are more receptive to interpersonal cues, whereas women are more proactive. In heterosexual couples, this creates a wonderful equilibrium. 

6. It feels fiendish

Particularly accept the idea that, at least for the time being, you're avoiding work or school to engage in sexual activity The fact that you appear to be horrible is intriguing. 

Source: Alby News Ghana