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I can't avoid my dad, so I married - Lady who speaks

Tue, 24 Jan 2023 Source: Alby News Ghana

After uncovering that her dad is her perfect partner and that they are joyfully hitched, this dazzling lady then, at that point, began confronting analysis via online entertainment.

Jimi Meaux then shared these pictures on Facebook with the accompanying inscription:

"They started as father and daughter; they became a couple! Keep an eye out! Your folks could be your perfect partners!

She then posted another that portrays them kissing while compromisingly holding one another.

Jimi Meaux, who shared these stunning photographs on Facebook, expressed that she has never lamented the wedding of her dad and that she would rehash it once more, paying little mind to what pundits say or do.

#LoveIsLove #


She then urged people to begin searching for perfect partners among their friends, yet online entertainment clients found both her way of behaving and her advice surprising and appalling.

They were blamed for inbreeding by stunned Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter clients, who even took steps to have them captured since their relationship was unlawful.

In this world, conventional has, in essence, vanished. You can see obliteration everywhere.

Source: Alby News Ghana