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I have cervical cancer and I am HIV positive, the doctor gave me 6 months only to live - Lady reveals

Tue, 24 Jan 2023 Source: Alby News Ghana

Natasha, a single mother of three has narrated how she is suffering from cervical cancer and is also HIV positive the doctor said she has six months only to live.

According to her, she discovered she was HIV positive when she was pregnant with her second born after she went to the clinic at 8 months, she gave birth to a healthy baby and life continued.

After she gave birth to her thirdborn, her husband left her and married another woman. she was very heartbroken and she stopped taking her ARVs for two years and which made her health to become worse.

She got sick and when she went to the hospital the doctor confirmed that she has cervical cancer and she has only six months to live even if she starts her treatment. She is now living in fear since the six months will be in next month and she has no hopes that it wouldn't happen because her health is deteriorating.

The mother of three is now in distress since she doesn't have parents or anyone she can leave her kids with but she is only pleading with God to heal her from cancer so that she can be able to raise her kids.

Source: Alby News Ghana