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Meet Emmanuel and his wife: The first couple that used buckets of faeces to fight

Thu, 26 Jan 2023 Source: Alby News Ghana

Rea Tsotella is a Moja Love show that aims at helping people deal and solve the problems they may be going through in their lives, be it personal problems with a neighbour, a relative or family, even the problems are in a marriage, they do their best to try assisting the involved parties to find a possible solution, on Monday night, they were trying to get Emmnuel to make peace with his wife after they have been seperated for four years, Bishop I Makamu did all he could to get the truth from both parties, the husband and wife, but it seemed there was nothing left of this marriage he could save.

During the show, the host asked the complainant what his problem was, Emmanuel explained that his wife throw a bucket of human waste at him when he went to the house to fetch the kids after he was chased out of his home, he revealed that he is now renting since his wife doesn't want him in the house anymore, he said when he tries to talk to her, she turns angry and violent and also went as far as getting him arrested accusing him of breaking the window which he denies to have broken.

"This woman chased me out of the house and it has been four years since we have been chased out of the house, myself and my children are renting a room somewhere, she kicked me and the four kids out, whenever I try talking to her, she become violent, she even got me arrested accusing me of breaking the window, she also threw a bucked of human waste on me, I need to know what it is that I wronged her with, she also sleep with this man infront of my kids," he said.

In her own defence, the woman denied that she is the one who started with the human waste fight, she said he came to the house and knocked at around 4am, she refused to open for him, that was when he broke the window and when she opened, he had two buckets of human waste with him, he poured one on her and the other one all over the house, she insisted that he was the one who started the who things since she did not fight back on that, she just went straight to the police station.

Makamu went all the way to the townships where these two stays trying to solve the problem, he even brought the community members who knows these people to come and tell what they know, this lady said she only want to see these two making up and fixing their family, but the efforts proved to be worthless since the two did not agree to fix their relationship.

Source: Alby News Ghana