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My husband collapsed and died immediately after we finished having Sex

Wed, 1 Feb 2023 Source: Alby News Ghana

A lady identified as Susan from Naivasha narrated how she slept with her husband and after they were done he immediately slept not knowing that he had breathed his last until morning when she realized he died.

She was born and brought up.in Murang'a by a single mother after her father died when she was still young. After completing her primary level she was employed as a house help in Nairobi.

She later met a man who asked for her hand in marriage. They relocated to Nyandarua county where they started doing odd jobs to put food on the table. After delivering her firstborn child, her husband started convulsing.

She took her to the hospital but after the doctors run different tests on him, no disease was diagnosed. Life became difficult since he could collapse almost daily. She became the sole breadwinner.

One day her husband insisted on accompanying her to work. That day, he didn't collapse. In the ev6they went back home and after they were done eating they went to bed. Her husband requested her sleep together.

After they were done, he immediately slept not knowing that he had collapsed. In the morning after taking the kids to school she went to wake her husband up but he didn't respond and was cold.

She informed her mother-in-law who was living a few meters away. He was taken to the morgue. After burying her husband, the mother inlaw accused her of bewitching him and Kicked her out.

Source: Alby News Ghana