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My husband slashed my child with a cutlass in church claiming that I had a small breast to feed her

Tue, 31 Jan 2023 Source: Alby News Ghana

Ernestine has Painfully narrated how her husband held her daughter upside down at the church's gate and slashed her with a machete claiming that she had small breasts to feed the baby.

She met her husband in her hometown and after a few months of dating, they moved in together without informing their parents. After a few months, she informed him that she was pregnant.

Her husband didn't seem happy about the news and started complaining that her breast was very small to make him happy and be able to breast6the baby. He started assaulting her which made her decide on going back to her parent's house.

He one day went and apologized to her and requested her to go back home but she was afraid he might beat her up and cause her to miscarry. Her husband was spreading rumours that she had a tumour in her stomach not pregnancy.

After nine months, she delivered a baby girl according to their culture, her husband was the one supposed to name the child but he refused. Six months later, she went to church on a Sunday to pray.

A girl was sent to call her from the church. When she reached the church gate, her husband Snatched the baby from her hands. There were noises when she tried to get her baby back but the man was very strong.

Some leaders went outside to check what was happening. They tried to solve the issue but her husband held the child upside down and started slashing her with a machete.

When the police arrived, the baby had lost a lot of bo6and was no more. He was arrested but she feels the pain whenever she goes church or when she sees a baby.

Source: Alby News Ghana