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When a pastor who had introduced me into Gayism left me, I wanted to kill him and his wife - Man bitterly vows

Thu, 26 Jan 2023 Source: Alby News Ghana

Nick (not his real name)from Kitui has narrated how a pastor introduced him to gayism and he later left him, he was angry and he planned on killing him and his wife.

According to him is that he was born into a family of five kids after he completed his studies he came to Nairobi to work, the first salary he bought a smartphone and joined Facebook.

He says that he would chat with ladies until one day a man boxed him and complimented on him how he was handsome, he says that since he was not into social media for long he was not concerned with it.

After a while, the man texted him again and asked him to meet with him, after he went that when he confessed to him that he was a pastor and had a wife and kids but he was in love with him.

Nick says that they started going out to hidden places, and he would buy him expensive gifts and give him money. He says that one day he asked him to kiss him and that is how things started.

He says that he would ask him to go to his house when his wife and kids were away and they would sleep together there. Some of the neighbours realized that something fishy was going on between the two of them and they informed the pastor's wife.

One day he sent him a message telling him that they had to stop the relationship since his wife had realized what was going on. He was very angry since he was depending on him to pay his rent and had even planned to kill him and his wife.

He fell into depression but he later shared with his pastor who prayed for him and he got delivered, he has urged young people not to engage themselves in ungodly things.

Source: Alby News Ghana