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Mya__jesus's Marriage Won't Last 2 Years, Bongo Ideas Details Why

Sat, 21 Jan 2023 Source: Aboagye Frank Hartmann

Angolan Socialite and entrepreneur, Mya__jesus recently announced her engagement on social media.

Mya__jesus is engaged to Jaime Júlio, her Mozambican partner and the couple has received several goodwill wishes and congratulatory messages.

Instead of congratulating the couple, Ghanaian blogger, Albert Nat Hyde popularly known as Bongo Ideas, has predicted doom for the marriage.

In a social media post, Bongo Ideas described the marriage as a marriage of convenience which will not last 24 months.

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Am I the only one who feels this union is not genuine and won’t last more than 24 months?

Now, Hear me out…

Based on several precedents, there’s nothing like unconditional love especially if there’s a woman involved.

She decided to marry him because of what he was/is ready to offer her.

Whenever he fails to live up to that expectation, she will look elsewhere.

Age might not be a factor, but money is the reason. Don’t be naive; every woman’s love can be bought as long as you’re the highest bidder.

Source: Aboagye Frank Hartmann