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Ofarnyi Kwegya, Ghana's Greatest Ever Fisherman

Fri, 20 Jan 2023 Source: Aboagye Frank Hartmann

Ofarnyi Kwegya was part of Asebu Amanfi and his group of people that arrived from ancient Egypt to present-day Asebu town in the Central Region of Ghana.

According to oral history, Asebu Amanfi and Ofarnyi Kwegya were both giants.

Asebu Amanfi on his arrival moved inland and founded the Asebu township whilst Ofarnyi Kwegya who was a master fisherman settled on the coast due to the abundance of Mɔrolɛ (Stingray) in the rivers.

The place later became known as Mɔrolɛ or Moree.

The late Ofarnyi Kwegya was the greatest fisherman ever to have lived in Ghana because of his several successful fishing expeditions.

His fishing activities took him and his men to several parts of the coast of the present-day Central Region.

He settled in Moree, Winneba, and other areas along the coast due to his fishing activities.

Story Credit: The People's Page

Source: Aboagye Frank Hartmann