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Businessman shares his 'biggest regret' as an MP

Sat, 4 Feb 2023 Source: Club Mate

Alexander Akwasi Acquah, Member of Parliament for Akim Oda Constituency, has revealed what he regrets most about being a Member of Parliament.

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Mr AKwasi Acquah said his efforts to represent his constituents in Parliament and fight for their interests as a whole had hurt his own business.

He said "an accountant stole close to GH7 million" from his company while he was pursuing his dream of becoming a politician in 2018.

Speaking during a discussion on Asempa FM's Ekosiisen programme monitored by Angelonline.com.gh, he blamed the financial mismanagement on his lack of oversight due to his many responsibilities.

"It's my biggest regret in Parliament," he said on the programme, which was monitored by Angelonline.com.gh. "But I've kept it to myself all this time," he added.

He said the businessman found out about the irregularities after an audit was conducted and the report was presented to Parliament.

"He [the accountant] put the company out of business," the MP said in despair, adding that this happened while they were paying back bank loans.

He used the opportunity to call for changes in the way banks operate to close loopholes that dishonest people often exploit.

"It's time for the banks to change their deposit slips...

Because what the guy (the accountant) really did was make a fake stamp: teller 1, teller 2, teller 3, teller 4. So he'll go into his room and stamp the slips. When he's done, he'll record them and put them into the system. I'm supposed to keep the alerts, but I can't because I'm in charge of so many companies," said Mr Akwasi Acquah.

Meanwhile, the case has been sent to the right authorities to investigate the crime and recover the money.

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Source: Club Mate