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Couple abandon their baby at the airport check-in while attempting to board a flight

Thu, 2 Feb 2023 Source: Club Mate

Couple tries to catch a flight while abandoning their infant at Israeli airport check-in.

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A baby was abandoned by his parents at a Tel Aviv airport after they tried to leave without him after forgetting to buy a ticket for the boy, authorities claim.

The anonymous parents, who were travelling with their infant and are both Belgian citizens, arrived at Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport on Tuesday 31 January with the intention of catching a Ryanair flight to Brussels, the Israel Airports Authority told local Channel 12.

Officials said the family arrived at Terminal 1 after the check-in desk had closed, after it had been open late, and that the parents were either unable or unwilling to purchase a ticket for their youngster.

The mother and father then walked away from the airline with their son near the check-in counter as they rushed to the security queue to board the plane.

According to a short mobile phone video taken at the airport, a woman can be heard saying in Hebrew, "She left him here, I swear!" while looking at the infant in the carrier.

The couple left their infant at an Israeli airport check-in counter as they tried to catch a flight. Airport staff saw the child and chased the couple, pleading with them to come and get their son before alerting airport security and the police.

According to Channel 12, the parents and their child were taken in for questioning.

The couple attempted to board a flight while leaving their infant at the check-in counter at Israel's airport.

According to Israel Today, the couple and their infant ended up missing the family's flight.

A Ryanair airport manager told Channel 12: "All our staff were stunned. We've never seen anything like it. We were in awe of what we were witnessing.

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Source: Club Mate