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Exposed: How man deceived church to wed male partner

Fri, 3 Feb 2023 Source: Club Mate

According to reports, a male pharmacist named Emmanuel spent a considerable amount of time disguising himself as a female parishioner of St John the Baptist Catholic Church in Rumuolumeni, Rivers State, in order to marry his male companion.

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But until his death in a cycling accident on 31 January, when his true identity was revealed at the mortuary, Emmanuel, known to his parishioners as Emmanuella, almost succeeded in marrying his partner, albeit dishonestly.

The story has gone viral and many Nigerians are responding.

Until his death, Emmanuel was known not only for singing in the church choir as a woman, but also as a devout believer who regularly serenaded the congregation with his beautiful voice.

It was also said that Emmanuel had been married before and was preparing to marry his partner.

What the church didn't know was that the attractive and popular member was a man, much to the surprise of the congregation.

The incident is said to have happened near Aka Road, opposite Liverpool Supermarket in Rumuolumeni, as Emmanuel was returning from church. He was the only one who sustained fatal injuries that led to his death.

The account was also corroborated by a woman called Winnie Omuboba Morganson, who claimed to have seen the accident.

"Very accurate," she remarked. I was at the scene of the accident! She lives in our neighbourhood on Aker Road! Although she has a delicate male voice, we all recognise it as female.

She owns a chemist's shop, lives alone in a two-room flat and has just bought a Siena car.

"I arrived at home at around 11 p.m. because the police refused to take her body. We waited. Before we left, the Catholic Church sent a bus from the Women's Community to pick up the sick!

He was registered as a man, but the morgue attendant later called the priest and asked again, claiming he was a woman. It wasn't until they told the father that he was a man that he changed his mind. His real name is Emmanuel, but he called himself Emmanuella. He was from Anambra State.

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Source: Club Mate