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Flashback Video Of Abeiku Santana Picking Up Money On Stage During A Performance Causes Stir

Fri, 3 Feb 2023 Source: Club Mate

After causing a scene at millionaire Osei Kwame Despite's birthday party, the media personality has been trending online.

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Dr Osei Kwame Despite ignored Abeiku Santana when he arrived at his birthday party and mingled with the rich men.

Since the incident, Abeiku Santana has been the target of social media trolls.

Victoria Lebene, an actress, tweeted "WKHKYD" (wo k)) h) ko y3 den).

Lebene asks why Abeiku Santana attended the birthday event.

However, a flashback video of Abeiku defying picking up cash from the floor during a performance has surfaced on social media as part of the mockery.

The video shows Abeiku and Akumaa Mama Zimbi performing on stage. The two characters were performing in a stage play at the Key Soap Concert Party.

Abeiku Santana can be seen picking out a handful of the notes that were scattered about during their performance.

Source: Club Mate