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Meet The Duncan-Williams’ – DeeWills Drops Family Photos

Sat, 4 Feb 2023 Source: Club Mate

Daniel aka DeeWills, the controversial son of Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, has shared a beautiful family portrait.

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Taking to Instagram, Daniel posted a picture of his father, siblings and their respective families.

Get to know the family, DeeWills, popularly known as Papa Shilo, wrote in the caption of the picture. The Duncan-Williams are us.

After calling out his father for putting DeeWills in jail and sending him to a mental institution, the rapper has been on a journey of reconciliation, which the photo continues.

When his father ordered his security agents to arrest DeeWill at the Togo border, he was on his way out of Ghana to meet his lover in Nigeria.

After his arrest, Daniel was sent to a psychiatric hospital for treatment for his bipolar disorder.

While still in hospital, he made a video demanding that his father stop restricting his freedom.

Daniel subsequently retracted his claims and apologised, and since then has been quite confident in his ability to connect with his father.

Source: Club Mate