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SHS 2 student impregnates his ICT teacher, see what happened

Fri, 3 Feb 2023 Source: Club Mate

During her National Service at one of the country's major Senior High Schools, an ICT teacher took to the internet to confess how she had inexplicably fallen in love with one of her students.

The woman told Kofi Noel that she never intended to have sex with the boy, but that it just happened after several visits.

On his first visit, they had a brief conversation, after which the boy left her residence to go to his house.

On his second visit, they went further and talked about the relationships that preceded their first sex.

She enjoyed the sexual encounters on that fateful day, appreciating the boy's great manhood.

She told the boy not to tell anyone about their first sexual contact and forbade him to come to her house.

She had to change her mind after the boy gave her a stern warning because he seemed depressed. They continued to have sex and now she is pregnant.

She is now in a difficult situation because she wants to terminate the pregnancy, but the student has aggressively told her not to because he wants the child.

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Source: Club Mate