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Unmasked:The new force Finally reveals the face behind the trending mask on bill boards

Tue, 21 Nov 2023 Source: Emmanuel Xorlali Afachao

In recent times, Ghanaians have encountered a conspicuous masked figure prominently displayed on billboards strategically positioned with the accompanying hashtag #TheNewForce.

This enigmatic persona has sparked considerable curiosity, prompting inquiries into the identity concealed behind the mask.

The prevailing consensus suggests that this masked individual is orchestrating an aura of anticipation for a forthcoming agenda, widely speculated to involve a presidential candidacy.

Various conjectures regarding the true identity of the masked man have emerged, with initial attention directed towards Cheddar.

The citizenry, intrigued by the possibility of a concealed political motive, contemplated whether Cheddar was orchestrating a deliberate build-up, creating a suspenseful atmosphere prior to an official revelation of his political aspirations.

Another prominent name linked to the mysterious figure is Dr. Sam Ankrah. A circulated flyer further fueled speculation by unveiling the Ghanaian businessman as the Masked Man. Dr. Samuel Sarpong Ankrah, renowned as an investment banker, global business strategist, and development economist with over two decades of successful experience, has become a focal point in the intrigue surrounding the masked persona.

In response to recent inquiries, a communication issued by the #TheNewForce team explicitly disassociates Dr. Sam Ankrah from any involvement in the ‘Man in the Mask’ campaign, a viral phenomenon attributed to #TheNewForce.

The released statement asserts that Dr. Sam Ankrah is not the architect of the widely recognized campaign featuring the mysterious figure donning a mask.

With a firm tone, #TheNewForce, through the press release, issues a cautionary message to Dr. Ankrah, urging him to refrain from presenting himself as the Masked Man.

The communication further conveys the intention to pursue legal actions against Dr. Ankrah for allegedly misrepresenting himself as the leader associated with a concept he purportedly had no role in initiating.

This diplomatic notice underscores the importance of accuracy and clarifies the movement’s stance on its origin and leadership.


Source: Emmanuel Xorlali Afachao