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Man nabbed for allegedly raping a witch

Wed, 16 Nov 2022 Source: Michael Agyapong Agyapa

Kabwata Police in Lusaka, Zambia are holding a 24-year-old man of Kuku compound who decided that the appropriate punishment for a 42-year woman he believed was a witch was rough and unprotected sex.

Brian Tembo has been in detention from around 02:00 hours of Sunday around after being uprooted from the top of a woman around popular weeked East Point area.

According to information gathered by #Kalemba, after depleting all his funds on all sorts of cheap intoxicants around Kabwata area, Tembo decided to marcopolo himself home using shortcuts.

As Tembo utilized his remaining energy and consciousness to spirit himself home, he stumbled upon a semi-conscious woman laying naked near a hedge.

The sight of the woman immediately inspired metallic stiffness in Tembo’s trousers and without thinking twice, disrobed and got on top of her to start working.

As Tembo vibrated and sweated on top of the woman, a group of shocked and disgusted passers-by found them and plucked Tembo off after which they used slaps to install Google map in his head which eventually led to Kabwata Police Station.

At the police, Tembo told officers that after stumbling on a jackpot of a woman naked at 02:00 hours, he presumed she was a witch and decided to take matters to his own manhood, as a form of punishment.

The victim also told police officers that Tembo was not the only one to have raped her.

She said several other men had raped her on the night but got away without being caught.

Although there has been no official statement on the matter from Zambia Police service, sources at Kabwata Police Station have told Kalemba that Tembo has been charged with rape and faces up to 25 years behind bars.

Source: Michael Agyapong Agyapa