The untold story of the Denkyira Black Stool

Sat, 14 May 2022 Source: Michael Agyapong Agyapa

Denkyira is an ancient kingdom with ancient traditions preceding most Akan Kingdoms. The black stool of Denkyira is called the Bankam Dwa.

The hands did not make that stool of mortals. Denkyira Kingdom was founded by a powerful priestess who was called Ayekra Adeboe. She discovered the stool after heavy rainfall. The stool was made of pearls. She took the stool as a sign from God to form a kingdom to lead and rule all Akan States.

She blackened the stool to represent the glory, power, and vision of her new kingdom.

The Offinba Stool or the Golden Stool of Denkyira!

Like all Akan traditions, black stools are not outdoored for the public. They are kept in a secret room for only the royals of royals to visit and perform the necessary prayers there.

Around 1630, After Boa-Amponsem I became the King of Denkyira, he made the public stool to be sat on by Denkyira King out of pure gold. Boa-Amponsem was soo wealthy that he was given the title Odefuor(wealthy) Boa-Amponsem which was corrupted to Odeefuor which is now the title of Denkyira King. It was during his reign that the Offinba (the golden stool of Denkyira) was made. At that time, the kingdom was situated between the Oda River and the Offin River around the current Amansie area - where the Abankesieso was built. Truly, the river deity that was used by Denkyira was Offin. So the stool was named in honour of the Offin deity. It was after the Battle of Feyiase in 1699-1700 that the stool was stolen on that Friday and renamed, Sikadwa Kofi by the Asantes.

Many people do not understand why till date Offin plays key role in Denkyira traditions. Many still do not understand why Offin had to come to the aid of Denkyiras after the Feyiase battle when some fled and wanted to cross the river - that is the story for another day.

So, the Bankam Dwa of Denkyira was brought by the founding mother (Ayekra Adeboe) of Denkyira. It wasn't made by the hands of mortals but was brought by interdimensional entities we mostly regard as God or Gods. So far as Bankam Dwa still exist, Denkyira will rise again.

Source: Michael Agyapong Agyapa