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Whiles pregnant I found my father in law without clothes in my bedroom waiting for me – Womanlaments

Mon, 14 Nov 2022 Source: Michael Agyapong Agyapa

Rahab Waithera Njuguna, a middle aged woman from Kinangop, shares a very sad story of how she suffered in the hands of the father-in-law under the watch of her husband.

She alleges to have gotten married to a loving husband and lived at his ancestral land. The father-in-law apparently used to stay with his mother and Waithera was given the task of cooking for him.

One day, he cooked a good meal and gave it to her husband to take it to his father. The father was so happy about the meal but when he finished, he got out of the house and shouted, “you have cooked for me a very good meal, but who will cool off the heat it has brought into my body?”

Those words from her father-in-law shocked her, but what surprised her most was the fact that her husband did nothing about it alleging that he is always that crazy.

His dramas continued as he could even come to their house, enter without knocking and make himself comfortable as if it was his home. He could then demand to be given tea and when satisfied, he leaves.

Another day, he visited Waithera in the absense of her husband and told her that he will one day confirm whether she was circumcised or not. She got shocked by her father-in-law’s words, ran away, borrowed her neighbour his phone and informed her husband. But as always, he did nothing about it.

Things escalated to a point where he could even camp outside their bedroom wall late at night, sometimes even up to 1 am and listen to what they are doing. When Waithera requested her husband to do something about it, he refused saying that he is his father and he cannot confront him

But one day he went overboard. While Waithera was pregnant, left with 2 weeks to delivery, she was caught with disbelief after she came out of the bathroom and found her father-in-law naked at their bedroom waiting for her.

Shocked on what to do, she lifted a blunt object which she used to hit him cutting his finger before running away for help.

It is at this point that she decided to leave before her father-in-law harms her with the man who is supposed to protect her totally doing nothing about it.

Source: Michael Agyapong Agyapa