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Tue, 15 Aug 2023 Source: DA Spicy News

In a recent interview, a musician named Portable revealed an interesting approach to his songwriting process. He shared that he draws inspiration from the songs of popular Nigerian artist Wizkid. Portable explained that he listens to Wizkid's music and uses it as a creative catalyst to write his own songs. This unique method allows him to tap into the energy and style of Wizkid's music, while still maintaining his own artistic voice. Portable's reliance on Wizkid's songs showcases the influence and impact that established artists can have on aspiring In a recent turn of events, it appears that there is a growing sentiment of disappointment and frustration towards an individual who was once highly regarded. The individual in question seems to have neglected the needs and desires of the people, leaving them feeling abandoned and disillusioned. This has resulted in a lack of support and even a desire for their downfall among Nigerians. The call for collaboration from this individual has gone unanswered, further exacerbating the negative sentiment towards them. It is clear that the people of Nigeria are longing for a change and are no longer willing to extend their support to someone who has seemingly forgotten them in their time of need.

Source: DA Spicy News