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The Universe and Man: Revealing The Secrets of The Universe Within Man

Mon, 22 May 2023 Source: DC KWAME KWAKYE

Brennan, 2022 explains the "universe is everything. It includes all of space, and all the matter and energy that space contains. It even includes time itself and of course, it includes you. Earth and the Moon are part of the universe, as are the other planets and their many dozens of moon".

Greek Philosophy also has it that the universe comprises of four(4) elements and in ascending order: Earth rising out of Water, Air over the earth and Fire (Sun) over all of them.

From the above explanation, it typifies the fact these elements of the universe are what are seen, experienced and felt outside of man and not within man.

Ali Ciessey, a Mystic argues that everything within the bigger universe we see or feel are within man. Thus, man is the smaller universe (microcosm) and the world out there is the bigger universe (macrocosm).

In an interview with the author of this piece on the 9th April, 2023 on the topic "The Linkage Between the Bigger Universe and Man", Ciessey posits that there are four elements of the world and out of these elements everything was made and these elements represent everything and anything we see around us.

While spirits vibrate on one elemental frequency, man has all the elements within them and it's the reason why man can deal with all manner of spirits to achieve their purpose. When we have knowledge and are able to harness all these elements to our advantage we become better individuals. "The ability to harmonise or allow the four elements to work in synchrony, elevates our souls and aids man to prevail against most negative energies millitating against us" (Ciessey, 2023)".

Illustrating with his fingers, the Mystic revealed that the larger universe has been compressed and it can be found in man. All the elements within the universe have also be further compressed and can find them in their palm.

With the palm, the forefinger represents the element of Air, the middle finger represents Water, the ring finger represents the element of earth and the little finger represents the Fire element. These fingers are close to each other showing the closeness of the elements with each other.

"The thumb is a little detached from the four other fingers because it represents the Mind. The mind sits on the top of the body and the ability of man to use his mind to regulate and control these four other elements within man depicts whether a person becomes successful or not, (Ciessey, 2023)".

According to Ciessey, water covers about 72% of the earth and in man it is about the same percentage. So, no wonder the middle finger represents water which is longest among the fingers. The little finger represents fire within man, fire forms a little percentage and the same happens within the larger universe.

The ring finger representing the earth is the second longest among the fingers. The earth is where we live, move and have our being. The forefinger representing air being longer than the little finger representing fire. The fire within man is only 4% and with that, "Out of the 4% of fire element within man, we're only using 1% and that is where, fighting, anger and all other undesirable tendencies spring from" he shared.

With the above revelations, what is necessary for man is that all these elements within us must be in complete alignment with that of the elements within the larger universe in order to ensure harmony. When that alignment is achieved life becomes better and everything falls into its rightful place.

The problem with most people now is the inability to align these elements within them with the bigger universe. Once the dis-alignment occurs and subsequently continues, life would not be smoothened but once you're able to learn to align your elements within you with that of those within the universe, your life would be set on a good course to succeed.

Watch out for the next episode on how to align your inner elements with that of the larger universe.