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Academic City University is urged by Mahama to improve STEAM education.

Tue, 1 Aug 2023 Source:

John Dramani Mahama, a former president of Ghana, has urged Academic City University College to take use of additional chances to advance and promote STEAM education for the growth of the nation.

The former president stressed the value of STEAM education in his speech as the keynote speaker at Academic City's 2023 Graduation Ceremony, acknowledging its capacity to offer an all-encompassing approach to education.

He emphasised the significance of dismantling conventional silos and developing interdisciplinary knowledge and abilities.

Without a high-quality education, he claimed, our country's natural resources—including its land, sea, minerals, and forests—would be left underused, underutilised, or exploited, with dire environmental and social repercussions that would obstruct progress.

He advised graduates to resist the unhealthy temptation of abusing their positions of authority to advance party or personal agendas at the expense of the organisation or the country they have been chosen to represent.

Additionally, you shouldn't use your positions of authority to victimise others or settle personal grudges; instead, you should work to build up our nation.

"Do not join these self-centered models of leadership, but I expect you to provide leadership that will strengthen the public service, promote competent-based staff engagement, and strengthen systems in both the public and private sectors," he continued.

The recent accomplishments of Academic City University College were also praised by the former president. The university was recently ranked by The Times Higher Education as second in Ghana and fifteenth in Sub-Saharan Africa.

"Our unwavering commitment to fostering a rich learning environment focused on STEAM, Entrepreneurship, and Ethics, has truly shaped a winning formula for any student who joins our academic family," said Mr. Dev Varyani, the founder of Academic City University College.

He claimed that the last four years had been a voyage of personal development, academic excellence, and growth.

The founder said that the connections and abilities graduates made at Academic City will surely advance their careers and open the door for them to realise their ambitions.

"Take your fascinating ideas and innovations to the worldwide stage as you venture out into the world, armed with the knowledge, passion, and tenacity you have learned. Make a difference in society and represent your nation and college with pride," he continued.

Academic City's president, Prof. Fred McBagonluri, claimed that the school has helped the pupils develop into strong, kind, and curious persons.

We believe in your ability to make a huge difference in the world, he remarked.

He advised them to adopt naive optimism, see failures as learning opportunities, develop deep connections, and practise joyful anarchy.

The Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority's Director General, Mr. Michael Luguje, gave the graduates career advice that stressed the need of teamwork, humility, discipline, and integrity.

"Select a profession that you are passionate about and that best reflects your goals and skills. Hold yourself to a high level, stay true to your ideals, and have faith in yourself. Be ambitious, but avoid letting your pursuit of fame and fortune lead you to the wrong crowd and illegal actions, the speaker said.

Ms. Daniella Ishioma Omenogor, a student studying computational science, received the honour for being the best graduating student overall.