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Frankie Payper spends $50,000 “Complete Me” music video

Tue, 1 Aug 2023 Source:

Frankie Payper, a rising star in Ghana's Afrobeats scene, has said that the music video for his track "Complete Me" cost Gold Dust Records more than $50,000 to produce.

Frankie Payper's "Complete Me" music video featuring Indian pop artist Edin Rose has been met with widespread acclaim on social media upon its release.

The Afrobeats star remarked in an interview that it was unbelievable for a label to invest so much in an up-and-coming artist like himself, but that he was inspired to work even harder on his music because of it.

The success of our music depends on the quality of the music videos we release, and I'm pleased as punch with how my record label handled the release of this ambitious project.

"Every Musician needs very good visual content to progress in their respective careers," he stated. "I will urge my fellow Ghanaian artistes to be more creative."

Frankie Payper went on to say that the quality of Ghanaian music's sound production has gotten better in recent years, but he still wants to see a lot of money put into making music videos.

You can see that a lot of thought and effort went into making Nigerian music videos, which has helped the genre flourish.

He emphasised the need for fresh ideas and the addition of elements that would pique the interest of a worldwide audience.

Frankie Payper, a rising star in the Ghanaian Afrobeats scene known for his distinctive vocal abilities and musical virtuosity, is working on some ground-breaking new material.